Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting the year off right...

...The procrastination FREE way!
In lieu of 2012, please join me on an adventure to keep-committed to your own New Year's Resolutions/Goals.

Here are some of my own...FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOURS BELOW :P

1. More patience with my first born. He can be quite the little handful.. aren't all three-nagers/four-year olds?

2. Read to both boys every night. My oldest is in a "I do everything myself phase." So this isn't such an easy task to accomplish anymore. But I allow him to read to me, to help to use his own imagination a bit. Quite adorable actually. :)

3. Practice schooling/writing with my oldest. We do as it is, but I would like to fully committ to a routined, school day, until we send him off to pre-school, which should be soon-ish.

4. Start an at-home routine... and STICK TO IT!

5. Find an exercise routine & diet and STICK TO IT!

6. Give up one guilty-pleasure. Either soda or Starbuck's. Haven't fully decided :$

7. Whenever I begin a project, to start AND finish it!!


9. To get my CNA certification and a job working as a CNA.

10. To learn to sew and/or crochet.

11. Start a daily "TO-DO" list and accomplish ALL tasks upon it.

12. Dedicate myself more to my Pampered Chef business.

13. Spend less-time on the internet.

14. Curse less.

15. Be more lady-like. I have the tendency to be a salior-mouth at times, and burp out loud. Ooops. :/ lol. I am practicing being more of a lady.. promise.

16. Stick to a reward chart/sticker chart with Noah (my oldest).

17. Create a reward jar for Noah with miniature prizes.

18. Stay organized.. which shouldn't be too much of a problem considering I have diagnosed OCD. lol.

19. Stay on top of daily household chores.. such as dishes... since they are the root of all cleaning evil. EEK!

20. Declutter is KEY!

21. Save money!!

22. And finally.. I made a daily project list.. or as I named it "PROJECTS TO CONQUER". Fun at-home projects that I hope to stay on top of and share with you fine people. :)

Until we meet again,
♥ Rachel


  1. If you have questions about sewing I would love to help if I could in any way. :)

    I'm the a professional but I know some things that I could share with you.

    Good luck on your resolutions! I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. i woulddddd love any sort of demonstrations, you-tubes, how-to's, advice that you have. throw 'em my way :) that would be spectacular. i have a sewing machine but am kind of a dummy with it at the moment.

    thanksssssssss :)

    haha, i sure hope so. ;)

    ♥ Rach