Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do you have a picky toddler, like myself?

If you too, have a picky toddler like me.. what are some things you have done to get him/her to try/taste new things. Our oldest just refuses to try new things.
Our latest thing we have tried is using some sort of condiment, such as, honey. You would be surprised at how many things my son can come up with to pair honey with. Some rather disgusting in my opinion, but hey, whatever will make him at least "try" it, that makes me happy.

Of course, there is always disgusing fruits/veggies and packing them away inside of the item you making. That trick just doesn't work for my son. He is wayyyyy too smart for his own good ;)

You could alway "play" with their food and use cut outs/cookie cutters. Make it into shapes, add faces. Etc.

Or giving things a fun name. i.e: "ants on a log," "pigs in a blanket."

And my latest adventure into the mind of my toddler is making him a STICKER CHART! Brilliant! Euerka! Sticker chart blog.. coming to you soon. But this worked like a charm. Making a section dedicated to just eating his food and rewarding him for eating. :) Genius, if I do say so myself.

Yours truly,
♥ Rachel

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