Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Packing Tips!

Well, most people know that we purchased a new house and are moving in the upcoming week and a 1/2. I wanted to share a couple packing tips.... 

1. If you have little ones... and they have a 2+ piece outfit, fold the pants inside the crease of the shirt. Comes in hand for packing and also for traveling. Not only that but if you put them in a dresser, makes it cake to find that outfit. Frees up a few minutes in your day. :P

2. Pillow case & sheet sets.... Pack the sheets inside the matching pillow case and stack. WA-LA!! Easy peasy! Also makes a great way to store them in that messy old linen closet. I can't wait to organize my new linen closets. Yes that's plural! I have TWO! I am pumped. :P lol. Oh the little things.

Tis' all for now :P

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